Expedition team

This was how we introduced ourselves in the period of preparations when we wanted to attract attention. I leave the text in exactly the form it was when we put out on the expedition, purely for hostorical reasons. Originaly we wanted to rewrite it to a more modest form, but even this is a part of the expedition...

Alena Bartosova

Martina Cizkova

Jan "Schami" Samal

Vladimir "Mira" Stepan

Alena Bartosova

Date of birth: 19thMarch 1989
Place of residence: Brno
Occupation: student
Education: high-school - just finished her senior year


Mgr. Martina Cizkova

Date of birth: 18thDecember 1982
Occupation: PhD student
Education: Biology, Masaryk's University, Brno


Ing. Jan "Schami" Samal

Date of birth: 29thJuly 1977
Place of residence: Stribrna Skalice - Hradec
Occupation: telecommunikation specialist
Education: Electrical Engineering, CTUP


Ing. Vladimir "Mira" Stepan

Date of birth: 28thJanuary 1976
Place of residence: Prague
Occupation: PhD student (Biomechanics, FPES, Charles University), High-school teacher of mathematics
Education: Electrical Engineering, CTUP


Mira&Schami together

Not that I would enjoy such a boasting, but we still hope someone would support us so we are trying to look experienced. Afterall we really went through a lot of sweat doing all those deeds...

Longyearbyen - Pyramiden - Adventdalen           24thJuly - 23rdAugust 2008

Svalbard IV