We would like to thank everyone who has helped us with our expedition. All will be mentioned here, who supported us by gift, discount, service...

Help during the expedition

Help with the preparations

For help during the expedition

Farmer from Gardermoen

Thank you for watching over our car on your land when we were on Svalbard. We are sorry that we had not even asked your name and that we were not able to meet you when we were leaving. We hope that at least the Fernet liquor was tasty.

Arctic Riding

Thanks for the gas cartidges. You saved us from starving. We used them all.

Norsk Polar Institut

We thank for the good map of Billefjorden area, for the information and good stories as well as for your hospitality in Brucebyen.

Sysselman's Politi

Thanks for the info about the area and about the cabins. Thanks for the oil to treat our weapon. I apologize for forgetting your name, I will not forget your help as easily. If you ever get to our country again, contact me, please.

Sergey Gennadyevich Chernoprudov

Thanks for everything! For coffee, tea, "banya", electricity for the battery recharger, for guided tour through Pyramiden. Above all thanks for the room to stay at. And of course, for a nice company.

Czech station in Petunia Bukta - Oleg, Krtek

Thanks for your hospitality and a very pleasant afternoon. And for everything. There's more and you know it...

Vladimir Stepan senior

Thanks for the support vehicle from Sassnitz. It helped.

Pavla Kodejsova

The team is grateful for the cake sent to Sassnitz. And I am grateful for your wonderful support and your patience with me.

For help with preparations

We thank TNP Laminex Ltd. for a set of quality expedition paddles.

We thank you for willingly handling our late and uncomfortable order and for discount. We are equipped with two 100 liter waterproof backpack. We still use the waterproof rifle case from the last expedition.

Thank you for the discount for your hydro-equipment.

Thank you for a discount for your boat Palava.

Outdoor Club and Arctos III

Thanks to Jan Stovicek for medial support, all the answers and other support. We also thank him and all the team of Arctos III expedition for lending us their solar battery recharger.

Jana Konecna

Thanx for managing the favourable purchase of accumulators and memory card for my camera.

Martin Knaisl

Thanks for searching for suitable airline and mediating the purchase of tickets.

Dita Prokopova

Thanks for excelent printing of our maps.

MVDr. Robert "Bob" Oswald

Thanks for selling us the cover for our boat for a reasonable price

Magdalena Krivska

Thanks for getting us the trekking boots Hanwag Alaska GTX for a very good price.

Norwegian embassy in Prague

Thank you for medial support and all the answers.

Outdoor Club

Thank you for medial support and all the answers.


Thank you for medial support.

Hedvabna Stezka.cz

Thank you for medial support.


Thank you for medial support.

Longyearbyen - Pyramiden - Adventdalen           24thJuly - 23rdAugust 2008

Svalbard IV