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Pages on Svalbard

Governor of Svalbard (

Useful pagesfor planning trip to Svalbard. Information on various regulations as well as quite good maps.

Official portal to all Svalbardian cyberspace. I seem not to favor these pages, but they can be some good if you click a little.

Norsk Polar Institut

Norsk Polar Institut website hasa section dedicated to Svalbard.

Arctic Project of the University in Ceske Budejovice

Czech Research station near Pyramiden. The page is in Czech, but the translation to English has been promised.

Svalbard Images

Interesting page, among other with a map showing the location and orientation of photos displayed on the page.

Webpage dedicated to russian-norwegian relationship. There is a section on Russian community on Svalbard, which includes Pyramiden, the goal of expedition Svalbard IV.


See what Wikipedia has to say about Svalbard.

Svalbard 2004

Web of previouos canoeing expedition to Svalbard. It is in Czech, but photos speak universal language.

Webs on travelling and related topics

Yacht Bagatela

Seagoing steel yacht that might possibly be the centerpiece of next Svalbard expedition The web is in Czech.

Outdoor Club

Webpage of reknowned czech traveller and adventurer Jan "Sorel" Stovicek. There are links to other expeditions namely Arctos III to Svalbard in the spring 2007. The web is in Czech.


Czech server on travelling.

Travelling information server.

Mira - third US traveling

Another visit to US in summer 2011. National parks Rocky Mountains, Canyonlands and Arches this time. Photos and some Czech text.

Mira - second US traveling

In summer 2007 Mira was traveling to places known and unknown in states Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming. Among the famous places there are national parks Glacier a Grand Teton. It is in Czech, but photos speak universal language.

Mira - the Crete trip

Web about the trip to southwestern Crete in early summer 2005. Lefka Ori, Gavdos, Elafonisi, Balos and Heraklion. Lots of pictures, comments in Czech.

Mira - first US traveling

In early fall 2004 I was visiting relativves in Sioux City, Iowa and I made a trip to see a little more of America. Yellwstone, Grand Teton, Badlands and other interesting places. Mostly photos, comments in Czech.

Water sports a outdoor webs

HG sport

Shop for water-sports.

HIKO sport

Shop for water-sports.


Czech magazin of canoeing and rafting. In the spring 2007 they published an article on the Svalbard 2004 expedition.


Czech page of canoeing marathon on river Berounka.

Plilsen marathon

Czech page of Pilsen canoeing marathon.

Other webs

Norwegian embassy in Prague

Webpage of Norwegian embassy in Prague. it is useful to write them the questions on the trip to Svalbard.


We were getting the information on the ferries between Germany and Scandinavia on this web.

Svalbard - the backpacker's guide to the arctic nature

Svalbard IV